Simcoe County Trail System

South Simcoe, Ontario

Simcoe County is rich with heritage transportation routes and environmental resources. Native Indian Trails, fur traders, portage routes, colonization, settlement and railroads all preceded the development of the dense railway transportation system of the County. Since the advent of cars and trucks, the transportation patterns have changed dramatically and many of the rails are now abandoned, resulting in underutilized corridors.

The rails to trails system study undertaken in 1990 has resulted in the formation of the Huronia Trails Committee and the design and management of a number of successfully operated trail sections throughout the County. The intent is to create an interconnected active trail system that connects such prominent trails as the Canaraska and Niagara Escarpment Trails with the well-used Collingwood to Thornbury, Barrie to Orillia, Tiny Township, Ethoff and Midland Waterfront Trails. The initiatives will feature and preserve many of the beautiful landscapes of the County.

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