Firm Profile

Stefan Bolliger Associates Inc. embraces the concept that ecological, natural resource based planning and design forms the very basis for our sustained survival in our rapidly changing natural, rural and urban environments. 

Our long history of assisting clients with a great variety of open space planning and design problems has made for an extensive list of creative, award winning projects. The principal’s previous involvement with the landscape construction industry keeps solution to project problems at realistic, implementable levels. 

Stefan Bolliger Associates Inc. is uniquely qualified to work with other professional disciplines and to formulate concrete landscape plans based on engineering, environmental, urban design and cultural insights and information. Organizations and people we typically work with are:

  • Cities, Municipalities, Townships
  • Engineering Firms
  • Development Companies
  • Architectural Firms
  • School Boards, Colleges and Universities
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Planning Firms
  • Government Agencies

Stefan Bolliger Associates Inc. has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to design landscape solutions for Ontario's highways. This is coordinated through civil, highway engineering companies and environmental consultants.

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